Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sleeping at the airports

sometimes for saving coz just a few hours for transit; sometimes for security (I dare not to go out at mid-night).

Dakka, Bangladesh: The security of domestic terminal was so nice whom allowed us to stay there till dawn. however, the terminal had many mosquitos.

Caracas, Venezuela: This SUPERB airport got no chair in both departure and arrival halls. i slept on the bench of fast food shop after its closure.

Bangkok, Thailand (new airport): This airport equipped with powerful A/C system. I thought I slept in a freezer!

Doha, Qatar: Most of the chairs had armrests and the lighting was too bright also!

Manila, Philippines: All chairs are made of steel and too cold for sleeping!

Los Angeles, US: Comfortable for sleeping but the cleaning work and big TV caused me hard to sleep.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Though airport closes after the last flight at midnight, the security allow passengers to continue to stay inside the terminal. The chairs are hard seat and very uncomfortable for sleeping!

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