Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ramadan = Indonesian New Year?

日前坐小巴聽得旁邊的太太跟另一太太說,她的印傭正過印尼的新年,日出後已不能進食,要待至傍晚。香港人 .... 現時其實是回教的守齋月Ramadan。

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Lizard, Los Illonos, Venezuela
Capybara, Los Illonos, Venezuela
Sea Iguana, Galapagos Island, Ecuador
Albatross, Galapagos Island, Ecuador
Blue-foot booby, Galapagos Island, Ecuador
Anaconda, Los Illonos, Venezuela

Long-distance Bus

The best long-distance bus I'd ever tried

Argentina: The seats are so wide and good service. Some bus companies even served red and white wine for meal. However, the price of bus ticket is sometimes more or less same as domestic flight price (promotional fare).

Mexico: Comfortable

Turkey: Comfortable

Sleeping at the airports

sometimes for saving coz just a few hours for transit; sometimes for security (I dare not to go out at mid-night).

Dakka, Bangladesh: The security of domestic terminal was so nice whom allowed us to stay there till dawn. however, the terminal had many mosquitos.

Caracas, Venezuela: This SUPERB airport got no chair in both departure and arrival halls. i slept on the bench of fast food shop after its closure.

Bangkok, Thailand (new airport): This airport equipped with powerful A/C system. I thought I slept in a freezer!

Doha, Qatar: Most of the chairs had armrests and the lighting was too bright also!

Manila, Philippines: All chairs are made of steel and too cold for sleeping!

Los Angeles, US: Comfortable for sleeping but the cleaning work and big TV caused me hard to sleep.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Though airport closes after the last flight at midnight, the security allow passengers to continue to stay inside the terminal. The chairs are hard seat and very uncomfortable for sleeping!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

這麼近 那麼遠




尼泊爾:Pokara Fish Tail Hotel的職員,與我們談天說地及打羽毛球
約旦:Amman Nansy Hotel兄弟,由Petra驅車往Amman途中已喝了很多啤酒,在酒店與其他客人一起喝了整瓶Vodka,及美味的中東菜。
土耳其:Bergama來自捷克的情侶,免費載我一程車;於Goreme的Travel Agent,來自Kurks的導遊及老板(Mt. Nemrut團)。

Monday, September 10, 2007



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Next Dream Destinations

Falkland -- nature
Bolivia -- salt lake
Honduras, Guatemala -- supreme Mayan sites
Cuba -- Havana
Pakistan -- more than nuclear weapon
Iran -- excellent heritage sites
Tibet -- natural scenery and wildlife
Mongolia -- natural scenery
Ireland -- natural scenery
Ethiopia -- old churches and coffee
Kenya -- great migration
Mali -- mosque
Zambia -- Victoria Fall
Chile -- Easter Island and driest desert and largest copperfield