Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vietnam Itinerary (Southern Part)

I did the following trip during this Chinese New Year (29 January - 4 February 2006). This was my third visit to Vietnam.

D1: Night flight: HKG --> HCMC
D2: Saigon -- join local tour to Tay Ninh (Cai Dao temple) + Cu chi tunnel
D3: Saigon -- join local tour to Mekong Delta, NIGHT BUS to Nha Trang (450 km from SGN)
D4: Nha Trang sightseeing
D5: Day bus (from 0800 hrs to 1430 hrs) to Dalat, which is 220 km from Nha Trang. Rush rush sightseeing around Dalat. I took a train tour at Dalat train station. Visited Dalat market in the evening.
D6: Day bus (from 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs for 300km ride) back to Saigon. Wandered in the city centre and enjoyed the last nite in Vietnam. Went back to guesthouse and had several hrs sleep. Then got up at 0300 hrs in the early early morning to catch the flight at 0600 hrs!
D7: Home again!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Jarded Diamond的Collapse尚未讀畢,該書已被譯成中文,名為《大崩壞》。

在書展發現了一套新書,名為《極地跨越》,該書記錄了中央電視台攝製該記錄片(由南極點出發至北極,穿越美洲大陸)的所見所聞。除了Michael Palin的Pole to Pole,《極地跨越》亦是另一出色之作。

Turkey Itinerary

I visited Turkey in the summer of 2005 (30 June to 17 July 2005). My itinerary is as follows:

D1: Hong Kong-->Istanbul (By Turkish Airline)
D2: Quick sightseeing in Istanbul and overnight bus to Goreme, Cappadocia
D3: Self trekking in Rose Valley and Sword Valley of Goreme.
D4: Joining local tour to open air museum and scenic spots around Goreme.
D5-7: Joining local tour to Mt. Nemrut and Urfa.
D8: Joining local tour to underground cities and Ihlara valley (overnight bus to pamukkale).
D9: Visiting Pamukkale/Hierapolis. Taking public bus to Denzil in the evening and getting change there to Marmaris.
D10:Taking jet boat to Rhodes Island, Greece. Having day-visit there and returning Marmaris in the evening.
D11: Taking local bus to Selcuk and touring around.
D12: Visiting Ephesus and spending one full day there. Taking evening bus to Bregama
D13: Touring Pergamum.
D14: Taking bus to Bursa.
D15: Visiting mosque in Bursa.
D16: Taking bus back to Istanbul and visiting Grand Bazzars
D17: Visiting the Palace and taking flight back to Hong Kong at night.
D18: Returning home.