Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Turkey Itinerary

I visited Turkey in the summer of 2005 (30 June to 17 July 2005). My itinerary is as follows:

D1: Hong Kong-->Istanbul (By Turkish Airline)
D2: Quick sightseeing in Istanbul and overnight bus to Goreme, Cappadocia
D3: Self trekking in Rose Valley and Sword Valley of Goreme.
D4: Joining local tour to open air museum and scenic spots around Goreme.
D5-7: Joining local tour to Mt. Nemrut and Urfa.
D8: Joining local tour to underground cities and Ihlara valley (overnight bus to pamukkale).
D9: Visiting Pamukkale/Hierapolis. Taking public bus to Denzil in the evening and getting change there to Marmaris.
D10:Taking jet boat to Rhodes Island, Greece. Having day-visit there and returning Marmaris in the evening.
D11: Taking local bus to Selcuk and touring around.
D12: Visiting Ephesus and spending one full day there. Taking evening bus to Bregama
D13: Touring Pergamum.
D14: Taking bus to Bursa.
D15: Visiting mosque in Bursa.
D16: Taking bus back to Istanbul and visiting Grand Bazzars
D17: Visiting the Palace and taking flight back to Hong Kong at night.
D18: Returning home.

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